Friday, November 30, 2012

Trying Post From Brand New iPad Mini

I just got the BluRay of Eli Roth ultra disgusting Cabin Fever.  Trying to post from here.

Birthday Friday Friday

Well, my own Birthday is falling on a Friday this year, first time in 5 years!  So I'm going to be a bit lazy about blogging the whole feels a little weird, like tooting my own horn.  Besides, my family is literally besieged with birthdays this time of year...The Peanut had one this past Sunday--have another celebration coming this weekend.  I have, however, signed up this year (since I missed it last year) for the 13 Days Of Creepmas!  That starts tomorrow. To check out all the good Holiday spook stuff, please click the Creepmas icon on the right and check them all out!  Happy Holidays!!! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday 8: Boogeyman (2005)

Another horror film set during Thanksgiving, it features, perhaps the most awkward of Thanksgiving meals!!!  I've had my moments with embarrassment in front of the parents and family of people I wasn't married to....but this takes the cake! Ouch!

Black Friday 7: ThanksKilling

Ever since Eli Roth's fake trailer for a slasher flick set during Thanksgiving showed up in Grindhouse, someone had to make a killer turkey movie of some sort!  Enter ThanksKilling!  That turkey is kinda funny....

Black Friday 6: Scooby Doo And The Witch's Ghost

Another annual Thanksgiving Fright, this one for The Peanut, who just returned from an overnight at his Goopy's.  We are all huge Scooby fans in this house, so this is one of the ultimate Turkey horror treats for everyone.  It even has a music video!

Black Friday 5: Addams Family Values

This is an indulgence once a year....given my ancestry...well, it's just cathardict....not mention hilarious!!  Besides, I was always a serious summer camp outcast and tended to be a bit "Addams Family Weird" when I was a kid! I only wish us unhappy campers had even a small chance to pull something like this off!

Black Friday 4: Christmas Evil

This was released as You Better Watch Out in 1980; it is also known as Terror In Toyland and stars Brandon Maggart the father of singer Fiona Apple who recently made headlines for the cancellation of her South American tour because her beloved pooch is terminally ill.  It starts out just before Thanksgiving.  Lead character Harry Stradling, who axes his way through this one, only gets more excitedly deranged after watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade....

Black Friday 3: Death On Demand (2008)

This is another one with just a "Thanksgiving moment," but oh what a moment it is!  The film starts off with a family being killed at the Thanksgiving dinner table, and then proceeds years later to a Halloween haunted house being set in the same house by students, who, needless to say, will get more than spooky recordings and mechanical witches to scare the crap out them in said house!  A lot more!! 

Black Friday 2: Spider-Man (2002)

I suppose that since Spiderman has been in a the Macy's parade before this film was made from time to was inevitable that there had to be a Thanksgiving scene in the movie; thought it seems that Peter Parker's Aunt May that even has an inkling that Norman Osborn is "not quite right."  Then there is the whole kerfuffle about the cranberry sauce!  

The Spiderman balloon in yesterday's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Black Friday 1: Hellboy (2004)

This is set during the Thanksgiving season, as evidenced by the lady at the "hospital" insisting that she's seen Santa, and being told that he doesn't arrive for several more weeks.  Hellboy being Hellboy, prefers giant plates of cheeseburgers and humongous bowls of chili to turkey....actually he prefers these to any food any time.  In any case, this crowd have too many Hellacious foes to vanquish to worry about a big sit down meal together!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...I'm already trying to forget the bird!

Friday, November 16, 2012

B-Horror: Vault Of Horror

B-Horror: I Bury The Living (1998)

B-Horror: Sleepaway Camp (1983)

B-Horror: Motel Hell

"It takes all kind of critters...."

B-Horror: American Gothic (1988)

Tormented (1960)

The protanganist of this solidly B-Flick has done a bad, bad thing!  He's murdered his lover after she refused to leave him alone when he tells her he is marrying someone else.  Well...this doesn't "set" well with her and she decides to get even!  [BTW:  I had intended longer posts on these films today, but I'm having compurter problems, which I hope I get cleared up...buying a new one at this time of year would not be good!]

B-Horror: The Mummy's Curse (1944)

Going for some "high-brow" B movie action with this one.  Made by Universal, starring one of the Universal Monsters:  The Mummy, and part of a serious horror franchise...this is still a B film nonetheless; Universal made it so on purpose.  Starring Lon Chaney Jr., who only 3 years before starred in The Wolf Man, adding to the list of Universal Monsters in a big way, here he shows up as The Mummy himself.  

B-Horror: Night Fright (1967)

This super low budget "ape thriller" by way of NASA, it set in Texas, was made in 1967 and gets right down to business...with the ape stuff!  

B-Horror: Deranged (1974)

Famously based on the real life "exploits" of murderer and skin fetishist Ed Gein  like Psycho, only this promises not spare the viewer any details....only some of those "details" are not actually based on reality, but they make for a great B picture from 1970's American rural angst.  Though, I have to say that some the "not sparing" actually comes off as truly hokey if you are familiar at all with the real story of Gein....but no matter, it's all fun. [BTW:  this is actually a joint Canadian/US production.]

B-Horror: The Dunwich Horror

Dean Stockwell AKA Wilbur Whateley takes his commitment to The Old Ones very seriously, as can be seen in the clips below (3 of which have Catalan subtitles for some reason....).  These films that are put out as part of the Midnite Movies series are all great B-movie fun!  And, I'll be damned if I know what the Native symbology from the Sonoran desert and Arizona has to do with any of this....that old man is waving it about on a wand like it's Gospel to the Lovecraftian types called up by the Necronomicon!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Lead In: Slashed Dreams


Thursday Lead-In: The Head (1959)

Various sites have been celebrating 50 years of The Brain That Wouldn't Die, thought it would appropriate to celebrate 52 years of The Head along with it....

Thursday Lead In: The Massacre Valley Massacre

Thursday Lead In: Funeral Home (1980)

The original title of this was Cries In The Night and should not be confused with an anthology horror from the late 70's that is sometimes marketed by the name The Funeral Home.  This is a creepy, solidly B to D territory film based on a story of a grandmother who wants to convert her home from a funeral home to a bed and breakfast....much to the chagrin of her dead mortician husband.  Of course, an Innocent granddaughter has to get caught up in the whole thing.

Thursday Lead In: Maniac Cop

In an extreme need to decompress from the whole election thing--I'm taking on the theme of B Horror flicks, this Friday....and I'm starting early.  Bring on the Cape Codders!  Here's a classic Larry Cohen from the 1980's!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Taxi Driver

With all of the various gritty and disturbing things that go on in Martin Scorcese's classic from 1976, it's easy to forget that it has a political foundation in the action that advances the plot in a very specific way.  Without the Presidential campaign, the film would not be the film that it is.  I used to get irritated by this, because I really wanted to see more of the underbelly stuff that involves Iris and Sport (Jodi Foster and Harvey Keitel, respectively).

Theme Recipe: Eggy In A Basket

This is one of my favorite breakfast indulgences!  Don't have it all that often, because it's not good without real butter; a fact that Evey from V For Vendetta is all too familiar with.  V steals the real butter from the Chancellor's train and eagerly serves it up to her as the perfect breakfast dish with a cup of tea.  This is not really a recipe, it's easy to make and doesn't need an explanation.  So, here are some pictures, with some really cool stuff from around the web concerning V and his eggy.  One of the things that kind of surprised me was how many people had never heard of this before the film came out. 

Evey scarfs down the Eggy, with tea, of course!

From Deviantart by Cepillo16

From Revenge of the Film Nerds, which has the recipe instructions

Pencil Drawing by Ayer-Muerta of V from Eggy scene, Deviantart.

This is my favorite.  The costume by William Shade is just awesome, right down to the hands  depicting burns.  Even the eggy is a "prop."  Photo by:  Mike Rollerson