Friday, September 30, 2016

Native Actors: Deep Rising (1998)

Native Actors: Skinwalkers (2006)

Co-penned by James Roday (of Psych fame), this feature Tom Jackson a native actor and musician who is Mohawk Metis from Canada. Also, star Jason Behr is cited by some to have Ojibwe ancestry.

Native Actors: The Witches Of Eastwick (1987)

Famously stars Cher, who is part Cherokee (Tsalagi).

Native Actors: Predator (1987)

Features Cherokee/Muskogee Seminole actor Sonny Landham and Mexican actress Elpidia Carrillo, who, I believe is of Purepecha (Tarascan) ancestry.

Native Actors: All Souls Day (2005)

Featuring prolific actor Danny Trejo who is of Yaqui (Yoeme) Heritage in a film that celebrates the quintessential Native American holiday Dia de los Muertos.  Plus, loads of zombie action! And...a Jeffrey Combs cameo!  Who could as for more?

Native Actors: The Last Stop (2000)

Starring famed Native actor Adam Beach who is Saulteaux from the Dog Creek First Nation in Canada.

Native Actors: Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning

Featured Nathan Arcand a Nehilawe (Plains Cree) of the Alexander First Nation as the Hunter.  Also features Edna Rain from the Paul Band Reserve in Alberta, where she is an elder and traditionalist.