Friday, May 31, 2013

Star Trek: First Contact

This is without a doubt my favorite "Next Generation" feature film.  It's got all those creepy Borg moments; besides I've been a fan of Alice Krige as the  "creepy chick" since I first saw her in Ghost Story....

Star Trek: Generations

Star Trek (2009)

Sort of doing this backwards, watching the first JJ Abrams film at home after seeing the new one in the theater (in 3D, which was OK, but it doesn't really seem like a film that really needs that treatment).  I know that a lot of Trekkies  have a problem with the Abrams reboot; I'm not one of them.  I really like the films.  They have weaknesses, but I just don't really see the comprising moments that some viewers see in the is, after all, an alternative timeline, with similarities, but with pretty severe differences as well.  How else would one reboot the franchise?  

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek The Motion Picture

This is also available for $0 for Amazon Prime accounts, click here.  This is showing while we are gone to see the new JJ Abrams film in 3D at the theater...cats have to have something to watch.  Shots of ships are pretty cool in this film compared to the original series.

Star Trek: The Man Trap

This can be watched free online at the CBS website (Amazon Prime link here).  Classic first season episode of the original series!  This is the one with the famous "salt creature" alien, which is officially called the "M-113 creature" in Star Trek annals.