Saturday, January 26, 2019

Horror On TCM: February 2019 (31 Days of Oscar)

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*Denotes a film with Horror Elements


Feb 1-Mar 3 PDF Schedule

Feb. 2 6PM Clip (Nominated for 1 Oscar)

Feb. 2 8PM Trailer* (Celebration of Oscar Winning Visuals from the 60's--Won 2 Oscars)

Feb. 6 4PM Trailer* (Won 1 Oscar)

Feb. 6 6PM Trailer* (Won 1 Oscar)

Feb. 15 5:30PM Trailer (Nominated For 4 Oscars)

Feb. 19 1PM Trailer (Won 1 Oscar)

Feb. 22 5:30AM Trailer (Nominated For 2 Oscars)

Feb. 26 8PM Clip* (Part of this evening's Primetime Oscar Celebration of Ingrid Bergman; Won 2 Oscars)

Two Personal Recommendations For The Month:

Not a horror film of any sort, but it contains a lot of beautifully disturbing imagery--this is a Murnau film after all! It is also technically the very 1st Best Picture Oscar winner.
Feb. 1 8PM (Janet Gaynor Primetime) Clip

One of Hitchcock's lesser thought of films, I've always been a rather big fan of it & it was nominated for 3 Oscars.
Feb. 15 10PM Clip (Part of Best Survival At Sea Primetime)