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Friday, September 19, 2014

What We Watched

Due to Alibaba IPO today I didn't blog our Friday Fright lineup.  It was an all kid day, anything The Peanut wanted.   Here's what we watched.  

Friday, September 12, 2014

Other Weird Creatures From The South Pacific

Pink See-Through Fantasia:  a type of sea cucumber

Yeti Crab:  a type of hairy crab only discoverd off the coast of the Galapalos Islands in 2005

It's a type of giant earthworm!

Actually a type of sea urchin

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Giant Isopods

Sea salp

Deep Rising

Going for a Cliff Curtis (who is Maori of the Ngati Hauiti and Te Arawa people) three in a row where he actually playing the South Pacific Islander that he is!  Additionally, anyone who knows that I am of Tsalagi (Cherokee) ancestry, knows that I am a huge fan of Mr. Wes Studi, who is a full blooded member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.  Plus, we all love a good monster movie in this house!!

Pacific Typhoons

I come from Hurricane territory in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, and I've lived through some very scary storms, including a near miss with the powerful Gloria in 1985 and later the strongest storm to ever make landfall late in the season in November 1985:  Kate.  But, the South Pacific takes the cake when it comes to whipping up the strongest of the strong tropical cyclones or typhoons!!  The above image is an enhanced satellite photo of Haiyan, classified as a Super Typhoon and currently takes to prize for strongest storm on record to make landfall.  It hit the Philippines in early Nov. of last year with maximum sustained winds of 186 mph and frequent gusts to 195!

Virus (1999)