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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Financial: Barbarian At The Gate (1993)

RIP James Garner!!!

Financial: American Psycho

If I were a mindless Wall Street drone in the 1980's, I'd probably kill people with an axe too!

That's Awesome!!

Financial: Enron--The Smartest Guys In The World

This documentary is rated R for good reason!  When I introduced the theme of Financial Frights for the first time, it was August 2008.  I was getting quite anxious about the markets, after years of complaining to the housing market was out of control and unsustainable (that started in 2004).  It turned out to be one month to the day of the financial crash in September 2008.  This documentary was purchased and viewed then.  And even with the likes of A Perfect Murder and it's likes and even American Psycho, this was by far the scariest thing we watched that Friday!  It is certainly not for the faint of heart.  

Financial: A Perfect Murder (1998)

Goin' for a Michael Douglas double feature here.  When you think about the bulk of his roles, very many of them seem very "Gordon Gekkoish"--this one has the financial criminal trade up to murder (David Fincher's The Game also kind of falls into this role category).  This is actually a remake of Hitchcock's classic Dial M For Murder, only the husband is a big Fund Manager that is getting hit with some HUGE margin calls, so he finds out his rich trust fund wife Gwenyth Paltrow) is having an affair with a shady artist (Viggo Mortensen) and cooks up a plan to blackmail him into murdering her.  Doing the Financial theme, because I cyber-commute to Wallstreet for a living--and I've seen over the years just about everything one can image from that crowd!  Some of it great--a lot of it terrible and horrifying!  But, I am having a good Fright Month in the markets.  It's provided some real sell-off and buy back thrills so far!

Financials: Wallstreet (1987)

...And yet this is what greed gets you--making idle threats in the park to avoid prosecution!!