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Friday, May 22, 2015

Killer Mermaid

Monster:  Well the title says it all.

I have not seen this prior to this evening, but given the subject matter I just couldn't resist.  After Animal Planet's BS two year ago regarding Mermaid "documentary"--just couldn't help myself here.  This might be more believable than their obvious BS.  Still I watch Monster Week every year.  So...well, I'm not normal either!


Get as drunk as you can right NOW...for god's sake...before it's too late!  It's set in Ireland.

Giant alien squid or even Ottoia thingys--that can't stand a boozed up victim.  Wow, did they pick the wrong country to invade! 

Starship Troopers

Monsters:  Alien Bugs Of All Sorts, well technically there are arachnids.

Pacific Rim

Monsters:  Kaiju (just Japanese for "monster")

Monstrous:  Jaegers




Catagory 5 Kaiju

Gipsy Danger

Crimson Typhoon

Striker Eureka

Cherno Alpha (with Crimson Typhoon following on)

Titanoboa (2012)

Famous (or infamous) for being called "the snake that makes an anaconda look like a garter snake," this rather terrifying yet very interesting documentary follows the discovery of this monstrous snake through South American fossil history.  Read more about at Wikipedia.

Monster:  A Big Ass Extinct Constricting Snake!!

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