Friday, February 5, 2016

Spies: Mission Impossible

The "original" that started the movie franchise, well, let me see....20 years ago?!  Geez!!  That NOC list seems so penny-ante these days.  But I love Ving Rhames in this!!  So it's me, Weena (the movie loving cat in the house), Ving and that crazy Tom Cruise for the evening!  Also...I forgot how baroque the music was in this film.  

A Tribute To A Horror Great!

Remembering John Carradine!

Spies: Shanghai (2010)

This is a really different kind of spy film.  It has a few draw-backs for some.  Many, for example, won't like the Dashiell Hammett, Noir type narration by Cusack.  I find it really interesting.  Set amongst a cross-roads of bullshit slung from both fronts for WWII, culminating in Shanghai, which to this day is a free-trade zone.  

Yet Another Tribute

Lots of folks born on this date; one of which was Tim Holt.  He was my write up today on Silent Wierdness (and I try to include things that are "wierd" in these post, in this case a Coen's reference....possibly); but in addition to his western saddle boy personae, there is also:

He starred as Lt. Cmdr. John "Twill" Twillinger, the leader of the whole affair.  I Love 1950's monster flicks--this is a classic. Monster that is not nearly as cheesy as it seems (meaning:  many, many others were far, far worse!) and Holt plays the part straight.  So here's remembering a cowboy in the monster flick!

For more see Silent Wierdness post.

Spies: Bridge Of Spies

Scare Me Birthday Tribute


This one definitely goes to eleven!

Spies: Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy

"Operation Witchcraft" well underway here.  Would love some of those "reptile funds!" Second go around for Mr. CiarĂ¡n Hinds!  All star cast in this one!  This film has a great "niorish" soundtrack!