Friday, February 25, 2011

Misery, My Adtidote

Just got through watching Winter's Bone.  OMG!  Thoughts for later.  That cut a bit close to the bone; so I thought playing Kathy Bates' Oscar winning performance in Stephen King's Misery might take some of the sting out.

Won for Best Actress:  Kathy Bates

Currently Nominated: Winter's Bone

Currently Nominated for:  

Best Screenplay Based on Previously Published Material
Best Actor in a Supporting Role:  John Hawkes
Best Leading Actress:  Jennifer Lawrence
Best Picture

This one is brand new to me.  I does look bleak and a bit intimidating in a back woods kind of way (and my family comes from the back woods).  So looking forward to it.

Six Shooter: An Oscar Winning Short From Ireland

Won for:  Best Short Live Action Film

This 30 minutes little film is no slouch.  Haling from Ireland, Six Shooter is no obscure student film, and there is a really good reason it took home the Oscar in 2005.  I mean, take a look below; it has Brendon Gleeson in it!

It can be found on:

Oscars Online

Access the Academy's 2011 Interactive Website Here

They have online ballots that can be voted on, if that happens to be something you are interested in.  Not really my cup of tea, alas we have already had the People's Choice Awards.  

The Bourne Ultimatum

Won 3 Oscars For:

Best Editing
Best Achievement in Sound
Best Sound Editing