Friday, June 26, 2015

Cujo (1983)

This is one of those rare cases when one is searching for terrible places to work, one actually comes up with a home owned business.   Joe Camber actually owns his own auto repair "shop," from the condition of the place it can't be the best place to own your own's a bit run-down and desolate, and obviously, he comes cheap. He's a "shade tree mechanic." And a bit of a dick. Add to that, his beautiful dog contracts rabies and later kills him, and...well it's not just a crappy place to's a place no one works at all anymore.  So the horror ensues when Donna and her son Tad arrive because of serious car trouble.  Message:  don't get cheap when it comes to car repairs that involve transporting your children!  Also, screw Camber for not getting that beautiful St. Bernard vaccinated...he really deserved what he got! (BTW:  I hate the soundtrack for this film)!

X-Files: Folie a deux

The X-Files Season 05 Episode 19 - Folie a Deux by RightMoveLLC

As if telemarketer wasn't a shitty enough job to begin with, you get this....

for a boss!  And it does this....

to your fellow employees!

And, really (!) Skinner should watch his back more often!

Michael Clayton (2007)

This is obviously a bit of twisted pairing of films, Michael Clayton following Cabin In The Woods, but this is a theme consisting of terrible places to work--and this one counts as much or more than Cabin in a real world kind of way.  Clayton (George Clooney) calls himself a "janitor"--he's a under-paid fixer for a law firm that can afford to pay him more.  Then there is Karen (Tilda Swinton) who is a lawyer for an evil corporation that kills people with their chemicals and do not want any repercussions for it.  Finally there is Arthur (Tom Wilkinson) who has serious mental issues and works for the same firm as Clayton; and he is completely caught in between the two.  There is also that Michael is a failed business (bar) owner, who has to sell off debt because he went into a partnership with his drug addicted brother...  It only gets worse from there.  Unlike Cabin, this one hits very close to home!

Cabin In The Woods (2012)

Okay, working at The Facility is probably worse than the job in I Bury The Living--so I take it back...any one of these jobs has to the worst of the worst!!

Dirty Pretty Things

I Bury The Living (1958)

This has got to be the worst job in the history of jobs.  It's not just that it's cemetery management and grave marker carving on the premises, it's that something really, really bad starts happening to poor Robert Kraft--when he gets a few push pins on the planogram (lighted map) of empty plots with the wrong color marker--people start to die and he has no way to stop it.  This on top of the fact that the poor man is already running his own very successful business and it happy in his job....not for long!

Assault On Precinct 13 (1976)

Talk about terrible places to work!  This one adds serious insult to injury, considering that this precinct is in it's last day of operation, actually partial operation, before being shut down for good.  Also as an aside, I really wouldn't want to be the ice cream guy either!