Saturday, August 31, 2019

Horror On TCM: September 2019

*denotes a film with horror elements


Star Of The Month: Sidney Poitier 

[Special Notes: Primetime on the 15th is dedicated to Peter Fonda]

Sept. 1 10AM Trailer

Sept. 1 8PM Trailer* (kicks off TCM Primetime: Psychological Thrillers)

September 3: Whole Day: Adventure Horror

Sept 3 8:30AM Trailer

Sept 3 10AM Preview

Sept. 3 11:45AM Trailer

Sept. 3 1:15PM Clip*

Sept. 3 2:45PM Trailer*

Sept. 3 4:30PM Trailer*

Sept. 3 6:15 PM Trailer*

Sept. 6 11AM Trailer

The 6th of September sees a whole afternoon of Creature Feature Horror!

Sept. 6 12:30PM Film

Sept. 6 1:45PM

Sept. 6 3PM Clip*

Sept. 6 4:30PM U.S. Trailer

Sept. 6 6:15P Trailer

Sept. 8 2AM Trailer

Sept. 10 7:30AM Trailer*

Sept. 10 9AM Trailer*

Sept. 10 12:15 PM TCM Clip w/ Karloff

Sept. 10 1:45PM Trailer*

Sept. 10 6:15PM Clip*

Sept. 11 8AM Trailer*

Sept. 11 11:30PM Trailer*

Sept. 14 3:45AM Trailer

Sept. 14 4:15AM Trailer

Sept. 17 11:15AM Trailer*

Sept. 23 10PM Clip (kicks off an exploration of disability in the movies, after a primetime documentary on the subject that begins at 8PM)

Sept. 23 11:15PM Trailer

Sept. 24 12:45AM Trailer

Sept. 24 4:45AM Trailer

Sept. 26 3:15PM Trailer*

Sept. 27 9:30AM Film Information (part of a day of Egyptian themed films, starting at 8AM)

Sept. 27 3:15PM Trailer

Sept. 27 6:30 PM Trailer

Sept. 28 2AM Red Band Trailer

Sept. 28 3:30AM Trailer

Sept. 29 2AM Trailer

Sept. 29 3:30AM Clip*


Sept. 1 12PM Clip

Sept. 3 10PM Trailer (Part TCM Primetime lineup with Star of the Month: Sidney Poitier)

Sept. 4 6:15PM Trailer (people sometimes forget that Boris Karloff was in this Howard Hawks pre-code gangster classic!)

Sept. 8 2:30AM Trailer

Sept. 16 2AM Trailer (1st of a Ousmane Sembene double feature)

Sept. 16 4AM Trailer

Sept. 22 2AM Clip (1st. of an Alfred Hitchcock double feature)

Sept. 22 3:30AM Clip

Sept. 23 4AM BFI Trailer

Friday, August 30, 2019

Action Hero Friday!

Action Hero #1: John McClane

Action Hero #2: Indiana Jones

Action Hero #3: Frank Martin

Action Hero #4: Ellen Ripley

Action Here #5: Ethan Hunt

Action Hero #6: John Wick