Friday, November 28, 2014

American Gangster

Hellboy (2004)

Screening films that are set in or around Thanksgiving.  It is, after all, the proper way to actually celebrate Black Friday.  Yes, there is some question as to when the beginning of the film is set, that is to say, when we as the viewer is first introduced to Liz.  It's obviously Halloween, Myers even mentions this when he refers to Hellboy to member of the public as wearing a Halloween costume.  Most people list the response of the nurse to the patient who sees Hellboy and thinks he's Santa as a movie mistake, but in fact, when the nurse referring to Santa not coming until 4 weeks, which would mean that she is referring to the end of November instead of December.  This is not a mistake, as the nurse is referring to Santa arriving on Thanksgiving, as in the Macy's Parade, when Santa does indeed "come to town."  Hope everyone had a nice one!  [Note:  having serious Internet troubles, and using an expensive hotspot on the phone for access, so posting might be sparse.]