Friday, July 25, 2014

Last Friday...

Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World, a favorite of mine since childhood.

I am from Florida, but have been living elsewhere since 1999.  Last fall my mother and myself became proud Floridians again by purchasing a little cottage close to the place that I grew up--on the northern Gulf of Mexico coast.  Last Friday I had the chance to spend my first Friday Fright day in that house (and my first since 2006 when I had the privilege to spend a Christmas Horror day on St. George Island in a local motel a day after my birthday).  So to commemorate the occasion, we inaugurated a night Fright Night theme--spooks set in (or filmed in) FLA!  Unfortunately, the little house does not yet have internet access, so I was unable to blog the whole affair--so here's what we watched sitting on a mattress drug into the empty living room (we had some fun playing some "Monk" episodes in the kitchen as well.

One that was shot in the general area of our "new" beach house.  Full movie below.  Killer "Spanish Moss"!

Awesome Mystery Science Theater rendition of the full film below.

Third installment of G. Romero's flesh eating zombie trek--full film below.

Love Bob Clark films!  RIP.  Full movie below, with addition to the D. Argento classic Giallo Deep Red (also a favorite), which is obviously not set in, or shot in, Florida.  Children is one of my all time favorite zombie flicks!

Comedy 10: Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Killer Klowns from Outer Space by crazedigitalmovies

A Sculpture To Die For!

God I Love Music!

Comedy 9: Down Periscope

It's the Boatniks for adults!  I want to dedicate this to my later father who served aboard a destroyer in the Korean war, who loved this movie--which would prompt him to tell hilarious stories about sub "sailors" (quotation marks his), and that was when diesel subs were still in use.