Friday, December 25, 2015

Gift Number 8: The Woman In Black 2: Angle Of Death (2012)

Gift Number 7: Knock, Knock (2015)

I've never seen Eli Roth's latest, with Keanu Reeves as the vulnerable victim. I have been watching John Wick quite a lot lately, and was just blown away that a trailer for that film was included with the Blu Ray and it's a bit jarring.  John Wick is a serious bad ass; Evan Webber apparently is not.  Just such a strange's just me...and it's Christmas.  Holiday WTF!

That ain't John Wick!

Gift Number 6: Dark Shadows (2012)

Gift Number 5: Jurassic World Blu Ray

Gift Number 4: Krampus: The Christmas Devil (2103)

Gift Number 3 (& Peanut's Choice): Minions (2015)

The kid got to see this in the theater and loved it, so no chance he wasn't getting the blu ray for Christmas this year! Looks as good on Blu Ray as it did in the theater.

Gift Number 2: Wake Wood (2010)

Another brand new Blu Ray, of a film I've never seen before.  Since Christmas started out solidly as a Pagan holiday, it seemed only fitting to get some Pagan action in most ancient of ritualistic days.  The general plot, is a long known pagan village, a man claims to be able to bring a couple's dead daughter back for just three days in pre-Christian ritual.  The only caveat is that she must have been dead for less than one year.  The couple lie about that, and I'm guessing what they get is not are told that they are going to get!  We'll see.  The parts of the film that I've seen have a lot of dark and grey scenes and on Blu Ray, it's looks very good.  This is a revived Hammer Horror production.

Gift Number 1: Blu Ray Predator (1987)

We have never owned a decent copy of the original of the series.  About 20 minutes and the blu ray looks so detailed that a good deal of the rather harsh lighting, that just a flaw of the film is showing.  It's a bit distracting, but the sound is great!  I'm pretty sure the dark scenes will be much better though.  Those always sucked on DVD.