Sunday, June 30, 2019

Horror On TCM: July 2019

*denote film with Horror elements


TCM is featuring an OUT OF THIS WORLD horror spotlight every Tuesday evening starting at 8PM this July.

2 July 8PM & 17 July 5:30AM Film*

2 July 8:30PM Trailer*

3 July 2AM TCM Intro

3 July 2:30PM Trailer

5 July 11:15PM (part of 1939: Hollywood's Golden Year) Clip

6 July 3:45AM Trailer

8 July 12:15AM (Silent Sunday title) Preview Clip

July 8 Has TCM presenting a whole day of horror! Starts @ 6AM

8 July 6AM Trailer

8 July 7:15AM Trailer

8 July 9AM Trailer

8 July 10:15AM Trailer

8 July 11:30AM Full Film

8 July 12:45PM Trailer

8 July 2PM Trailer

8 July 3:45PM Trailer

8 July 5PM Trailer

8 July 6PM Trailer

July 9 Spotlight: Out Of This World--7 Sci-Fi Horror films. Start @ 8PM

9 July 8PM Trailer

9 July 9:45PM Trailer

9 July 11:30PM Trailer*

10 July 1:15AM Trailer

10 July 2:45AM Trailer

10 July 4:15AM & 22 July 5PM Homage Montage

10 July 6AM Trailer*

11 July 3:45AM Trailer*

13 July 2AM (a TCM Presents showing) Full Film

13 July 3:30AM Trailer

16 July 8PM (Part of Out of This World Spotlight) Trailer*

17 July 1AM (Part of Out of This World Spotlight) TCM Intro*

17 July 3:30AM (Out of This World Spotlight) Trailer*

Morning of Creature Features! July 17 starting @ 6AM

17 July 6AM Trailer

17 July 7:30 AM FilmStruck Extended Clip

17 July 9:30AM & 22 July 6:30PM Iconic Scene

17 July 11AM & 1 August 4AM Trailer

18 July 12:30AM (Part of the One The Road Spotlight) Preview*

20 July 2AM (special TCM Presents) Iconic Scene

20 July 3:45AM All Sightings

22 July 6AM Trailer

Spend the afternoon with Horror on the 22nd of July. Starts @ 12:30PM

22 July 12:30PM (aka City of the Dead) Trailer

22 July 2PM Clip

22 July 3:45PM Trailer



Out Of This World Tuesday Spotlight in Primetime

23 July 8PM Trailer*

23 July 10PM Iconic Scene*

24 July 12:45AM (aka Quartermass & the Pit) Trailer

24 July 2:45AM Trailer*

24 July 5AM Trailer*

24 July 6AM Trailer

27  July 2:15AM Trailer

27 July 4AM Trailer

27 July 10:08AM Movie Information

28 July 12 Midnight Trailer

29 July 10:15PM (Star of the Month: Glenn Ford) Movie Information*

Tuesday's in July: Out of this World Spotlight. At 8PM on.

30 July 8PM Trailer*

31 July 12:45AM Trailer*

31 July 3AM Trailer*

31 July 6AM Trailer*

31 July 8:15AM Trailer

31 July 10:15AM Trailer*

31 July 10:15PM (part of primetime tribute to Fox spotlight) Trailer


1 July 4:30AM Trailer (amongst other things, this crime flick from Spain is a car movie--love it!)

3 July Between 4AM & 6AM (TCM is presenting several episodes of this serial from 1940--it's classic early American sci-fi) Trailer

3 July 6:15PM & 24 July 9:30PM (Vincent Price & Film Noir, like peanut butter & chocolate!) Trailer

3 July 8PM (part of a tie in with CNN's The MoviesTrailer

12 July 6:15PM Trailer

15 July 4AM Trailer

22 July 2AM Iconic Scene

24 July 11AM Trailer

25 July 10:15PM (part of a primetime salute to the late, great Albert Finney, starts at 8PM) Trailer

26 July 7:15AM Extended Clip

26 July 8:30AM Trailer

26 July 10:30PM (part of Friday celebrations in July of Hollywood in 1939) Trailer 

29 July 2AM Trailer

29 July 2:45PM Trailer

29 July 8PM (part of the Star of the Month: Glenn Ford spotlight) Trailer

30 July 4:30PM Trailer