Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watching Now

Watching Now

Watching Now

Ah Those Super Powers!

Day 29 of our household countdown to today--The Great Pumpkin was spent with some pretty extraordinary people.

Cute, uh?

Hey my birthday is coming up....

Geez I wouldn't want to mess with this guy!

R.I.P. Heath!

Watching Now

Musical Frights

All of these selections have some connection to weirdness or death--even the classsical stuff--or maybe I should say especially the classical stuff!

King Crimson:  Eyes Wide Open

Jethro Tull:  Jack In The Green (selections)

Richard Thompson & Co.:  1000 Years of Popular Music

Every Other Song Mentions Hell

Sir John Eliot Gardener Conducting Bach Cantatas

This stuff is permeated by death! Yikes!

Gustavo Dudamel (Conducts) Beethoven's 3rd Symphony (Eroica) with the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra

Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts

Image from Glass' opera Waiting for the Barbarians

Zappa Plays Zappa

This is Dweezil's band.

Frank Zappa:  Overnight Sensation

The Prodigy:  Invaders Must Die DVD

The Prodigy:  Their Law (selections)

Los Lobos:  Live At The Fillmore (Dias de los Muertos)

KMFDM:  Sturm und Drang Tour 2002

RZA:  Live From Germany (selections)


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Happy Halloween!