Friday, April 25, 2014

Day Of The Triffids (2009)

The Navy vs. The Night Creatures

The Navy Vs. The Night Monsters by crazedigitalmovies

This is one of those annual cheezy pleasures that I look forward to every Arbor Day.  It's soooo, soooo bad, but, heck, it has Mamie Van Doren!  Although it has the feel of being a bad 1950's Sci-Fi, it actually dates from 1966.

Evil Dead (1981)

The Little Shop Of Horrors (1960)

This is the fourth anniversary of my silly little horror blog, so I was gifted a Blu Ray of the colorized version of the original Roger Cormen The Little Shop Of Horrors.  So far, it both looks good and sounds great!

The Thing From Another World

While the photo below is not bi-pidal, or migratory at all, like Howard Hawks The Thing, it is however unusual in that is a combination trap plant, it has characteristics of of both snap traps (like the Venus Flytrap) and flypaper traps (like sundews).  In fact it's common name is the Pimpernel Sundew.  And, although it is not from outer space, like The Thing, is--it certainly looks like it is!  It actually native to Australia.

The Lonsome Death Of Jordy Verrill

Although the plant that kills Jordy Verrill comes from outer space, here's a photo of a real killer plant that doesn't:  the native to the U.S.

It's a Cobra Lilly!  [Photo:  Wikipedia]

Scary Movie 2

My Favorite Real Killer Plant

Brocchinia reducta

Up until very recently this was listed as a "borderline carnivorous plant" because of the weakness of the digestive acid; however, it has since been upgraded for a full bore killer!  And it's Native!

Godzilla vs. Biollante

That's right, I'm a giant mutant rose bush with teeth!

No actual killer plants in this one, but the rose pictured below is one of the world's oldest, is wild and grows like a weed and will make you think it could eat, and is the DNA originator of almost all of the yellow hue in all domestic yellow hued roses; and, oh, it smells like a dead body!  It's not called Rosa foetida for nothing!

Drowned lizard in a species of Pitcher Plant that is endemic to southern Asia.  [Photo:  from Wikipedia]