Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Some Horror At Sundance This Year

Corporate Animals 

8:30 PM MARC Theater 29 Jan. 

Festival Showings here. Read about it here. IMDb

Little Monsters

11:59 PM Library Center Theater 27 Jan.

Festival Showings  Here.  IMDb

Memory: The Origins of Alien

9:45 PM Egyptian Theater 24 Jan.

Festival Showings here. Read about it hereIMDb


11:59 PM Lincoln Center Library Jan. 28th

Festival Showings hereWikipedia.  IMDb

The Hole In The Ground

11:45PM Egyptian Theater Jan. 25th

Festival Showings hereTrailerIMDb

The Lodge

11:59 PM Library Center Theater Jan. 25

Festival Showings hereIMDb


11:59 PM Library Center Theater Jan. 26

Festival Showings here. Read about it hereIMDb

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