Saturday, May 1, 2010

Trailer - Fungicide

Fungicide 2005 (Friday Fright Premier)

That's right: Killer Mushrooms--super schlock and low-budget style.

Now I've read many reviews since of this movie since yesterday--they are almost universally terrible--with many saying things like, "I want my 80 something minutes back". First of all, this trend of complaining that time lost watching a movie that the viewer didn't like is tedious, as if it is the fault of filmmaker that they watched it--no one made them watch it (at least I hope they weren't tied to a chair or something like that). Secondly, I've seen a lot of straight to vid horror flicks, most of them solidly Z grade, and this movie is not nearly as bad as that. Some of these "horror films" are just an excuse for some hack with a video camera, with zero movie making talent (but tell that to them!) to show themselves off. In Fungicide, there was some genuine care that went into it, and it was meant to be funny. Sure the special effects are cheezy and done on someone's home computer, but all in good humor; and they did a fair enough job of sequencing the computer mushrooms with the actual live action fight scenes. So, there is some real "fun" in Fungicide. Just don't even try to take it seriously....and remember this isn't Citizen Kane.

You will not be able to relax...

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