Friday, June 8, 2018

Haunted Houses: Burnt Offerings (& The Dunsmuir House)

One of my favorite haunted house films, this was my introduction to Dan Curtis (hadn't yet caught "Dark Shadows" on PBS re-runs with episodes of "Dr. Who" to follow!).  As a haunted house concept, it still hasn't been really reviled as a story.  The house used in the is the Dunsmuir House, and has come to be well known in films (even a staple of horror films, as it appears in Phantasm just a few years later). Burnt Offerings is the first time that the house was used in a film and is most certainly not located on Long is, in fact, located so close to San Fransisco that it has suffered some earthquake damages over the years. The house was built in 1899, and despite it's both public and private history, it has never been listed as an actual haunted location for any reason. 


  1. Haven't seen Burnt Offerings in a very long time. Want to revisit it, and also The Changeling. Cool house, I can see why people find it so photogenic.

    1. They are my two absolute favorite haunted house films! (add "just ghosts" to the list and Ghost Story is in the mix as well!) The Changeling has aged so well. Kind of surprised