Thursday, August 2, 2018

Horror On TCM: August 2018

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*denotes title with horror elements

The Following Six Title are part of the Summer Under The Stars: Lionel Atwill (August 3, starts 8PM)

August 3: 8PM Trailer

August 3: 9:30PM Opening Scene

August 3: 11PM Trailer

August 4: 2AM Trailer

August 4: 3:15AM Trailer

August 4: 4:30AM Opening Credits

August 14: 9:15AM Promo (Part of Summer Under the Stars: Lupe Valez)

August 17: 4AM Clip (Part of Summer Under the Stars: Miriam Hopkins)

Following Two Films Part of Summer Under the Stars: Dana Andrews

August 22: 3:15PM Trailer

August 23: 3:45AM Trailer

Following Four Films Part of Summer Under the Stars: Peter Lorre

August 24: 6AM Clip

August 24: 4PM Trailer

August 24: 8PM Trailer*

August 25: 3:15AM Trailer

August 28: 12 Midnight Trailer (part of Summer Under the Stars: Agnes Moorehead)

Following Two Film Part of Summer Under The Stars: Joan Crawford (the day begins at 6AM August 31 and run thru to 6AM Sept. 1):

Sept 1: 2AM Trailer

Sept. 1: 3:45AM Trailer

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  1. You know its odd but I have not seen What Ever Happened To Baby Jane so I will set the Tivo for that one just so I don't forget. Sure are a lot of good tiles here I will have to check some of these out. Is this like when Rob Zombie hosted?