Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Horror On TCM: June 2019

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*Denotes A Film With Horror Elements



3 June 2AM Trailer

3 June 3:45AM Trailer

4 June 9:15AM Trailer*

4 June 11AM Trailer

4 June 12:30PM Trailer

4 June 4PM TCM Clip

4 June 6PM Clip

8 June 2AM Clip

8 June 3:45AM Trailer

8 June 12PM-Noon Trailer

11 June 2:15AM Trailer

12 June 8:45AM Trailer

14 June 1:30PM Trailer

15 June 2:45AM Clip

15 June 4AM Trailer

22 June 2:45AM Trailer

22 June 6PM Trailer*

23 June 2AM Trailer

23 June 4:15AM Trailer

24 June 2AM Trailer*

24 June 10:45PM (Trailer more Primetime Hollywood Hair Hall of Fame!)


2 June 12:45AM & 10AM  Trailer

2 June 2:45AM Trailer

4 June 12:15AM Trailer (Celebrating Hollywood Hair Hall of Fame)

4 June 2:15AM (Trailer) [Celebrating Hollywood Hair Hall of Fame]

5 June 12AM-Midnight (Trailer)

12 June 12AM-Midnight Trailer

12 June 4:30AM Trailer

Ever the lover of female directors of any genre, TCM will be celebrating three works of Agnès Varda--who passed away at the end of this past March--in Primetime on the 15th

Starts at 8PM (8-midnight)

23 June 12PM-Noon (TCM Clip--this is a James Whale picture)

24 June 12:30AM (TCM Clip--This is a Jackie Coogan film, you know...Uncle Fester?!)

24 June 3:45AM (Trailer)

24 June 8PM (Trailer, another Jackie Coogan film and another nod to the Hollywood Hair Hall of Fame in Primetime!)

26 June 4:15PM (Trailer At TCM, based on Shirley Jackson novel)

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