Friday, January 9, 2015

It Might Get Loud

Bit late with first post this morning.  For those of us who work as market traders, this is a rather busy day--big jobs report this morning.  Kinda hectic around here.  These are my favorite bits from this rather strange little documentary put together in 2008.  It contains a clip from a deleted scene, a fascinating bit about strings in Britain.  As a former guitar player, I couldn't really comprehend have to play with super thick, un-slinky strings!

This bit just cracks me up--seems Jimmy's rather skeptical about what The Edge is up to here--a bit bogus, isn't it--and Jimmy notices.

This is absolutely my favorite scene from the whole film!  I love Link Wray and it's so much fun watching him play air guitar to The Wraymen's most famous song!!  (By the way, Link Wray, who was Shawnee/Cherokee, was inducted into the Native American Music Awards Hall Of Fame a year before this film was shot).