Friday, September 25, 2015

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Up to now, this has just been a mostly northern US and Canadian Native thing--gotta get some Mexican action in here.! [Not: that anyone should give a shit, but I've been learning the Nahuatl language--love it!!]  This came out in 1996--every horror fan out there should know that it starts out a crime film in dusty Texas and ends up a Vampire film in Mexico...with serious "Aztec" overtones--hell they could be Toltecs for all I know!  But does star Danny Trejo (cousin of director Robert Rodriguez) who is of Yaqui descent and Quentin Tarantino (who wrote the screenplay) is of Tsalagi [Cherokee ancestry--his mother if half Cherokee/Irish in ancestry)].  And, my Lordy, does the partially Arabic--but still also Mexican/Spanish--Salma Hayek do a great job of Native Mexican dressed seductive dancer!!! I mean Salma was born in a town in Veracruz called Coatzacoalcos--that ain't Spanish (but then again, it's not Totonac either....that a story for another time).  Also, just because I'm gushing on the movie from a sort of Tejana/Native view--I love Tito and Taranturla--great band!  (Because, let's fact it they are great spiders too!)  Also three characters for Cheech, from Cheech and Chong.

Man have they really junked the place up!!

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