Thursday, February 28, 2019

Horror On TCM: March 2019

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*indicates a film with horror elements


Part of the 31 Days of Oscar: MARCH 2ND Brings A Whole Day Of Oscar Worthy Horror Starting @ 12:45AM

March 2 12:45AM & March 27 5:45PM [Nominated for 2] Trailer*

March 2 3AM [Nominated for 4 Gold Guys, Won 1] Trailer*

March 2 5:45AM [Nominated for 5] Introductory Scene*

March 2 8AM [Nominated for 3, Won 1] Trailer*

March 2 10:15AM [Won 1 Oscar] Trailer*

March 2 12PM [Nominated for 1] Trailer*

March 2 2PM [Nominated for 1] Trailer

March 2 3:45PM [Nominated for 2 Oscars--Won 1] Trailer*

March 2 5:30PM [Nominated for 9 Oscars--Won 2] Trailer*

March 5 11:15PM Clip

March 6 4:45PM Trailer*

March 6 6:30PM Trailer*

David Cronenberg Double Feature:

March 9 2AM (Special TCM Presents) Trailer

March 9 4AM Trailer

March 10 1:45AM (Part of a Micheal Douglas presentation) Trailer

March 11 12PM Trailer at TCM*

March 11 4PM Clip

March 15 8PM (Kicks of an evening celebrating the late great Madeline Kahn) Outtakes Featuring Kahn

March 16 2AM (A TCM Presents showing) IMDb Info.

March 16 3:30AM Trailer

March 16 1:45PM Trailer

March 23 2AM (TCM Presents) Trailer

March 23 4AM (TCM Presents) Trailer

March 30 2AM Trailer

March 30 4AM Trailer



March 15 1:30AM TCM Intro

Another Crime Recommendation: The Fake stars Dennis O'Keefe (see Val Lewton's The Leopard Man)

March 29 11:45AM (TCM Presents) IMDb Info. 

Ricardo Cortez is Perry Mason!:

March 30 10:08 AM (weird time I know!) TCM Trailer

This Needs NO Introduction!

March 31 2AM Trailer 

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