Friday, March 9, 2018

ME AND MY CAT MINI-REVIEW: Don't Kill It (2016)

Yes, this is a Dolph Lundgren film! I admit I was doing some eye-rolling when this one came up (in case any one might be wondering where all these horror gems are coming from, they mostly come from a list compiled from tooling around the Internet Car Movie Database, homepage here).  I was ready for this to be BAD, in a bad way! It didn't disappoint in cheesiness for sure; but it made such good fun of itself as film, that I found myself really enjoying it.  Yes, it's a vehicle for an aging action star...but it's also a demon movie set in a small town in Mississippi (Chickory Creek)...and honestly, I've seen far worse in ain't a nice place (sorry to anyone living there who might read this).  And...yes, it does have an "explain the rules" section, where you learn all the rules for this particular demon (parallel dimension aka it's a bad place and people with bloodlines and stuff), but from there it picks up and becomes quite fun.  I particularly enjoyed the shooting scene, where everyone from grandma to accountants go bat shit crazy with every manner of fire arm shooting at anything that might be possessed [good musical selection there]. The dead-pan humor of Lundgren as Jebediah Woodley was also appreciated, Exorcist joke and all.  For what it is: a silly, lower-budget, action horror film--it delivered.  Now, Weena loves a good demon flick (!!), but she was Meh on this one.  We will just have to agree to disagree! 🙀

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