Friday, March 9, 2018


This is one that we watched some weeks back; I didn't have any time to write anything about it--so we gave it another whirl today...though I don't know why!  There was nothing much to say about it then, and there isn't really today either.  It's a Tonino Ricci film, under the Anglicized name of Anthony Richmond, from 1982 about a mad scientist who accidentally turns himself into a barely scary monster.  It's meant to be one of those "it got loose in the sewers" films, only the sewers in question are supposed to be in London...England...and they are clearly not (at first blush they look Italian, and there is even mention of "Roman sewers" in the film....uh um, there are NO Roman sewers in London...but upon looking up locations, it turns out the sewers in question were actually filmed in Spain).  The monster in question is only visible at the end of the film, and I think I am safe in saying this without spoilers; sure, there is a lot of monster noises and banging on doors and such throughout the film, but not much else.  For me, this is really, really cheap Fulci territory--and I am a huge fan of Lucio Fulci--without any of the cheeky charm of his films, and all of the bad Italian sound and post-production dub, with a little extra tediousness about the dangers of modern environmental science thrown in for good measure.  Weena, on the other hand, liked it the first time around, but not so much the second I would say #TheHorrorLovingCat gives it one paw of approval because she loves a film with lots of yelling! 

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