Friday, March 9, 2018

ME AND MY CAT MINI-REVIEW: The Evil In Us (2016)

Where to start...first I should just say out right, I didn't like this one; but wasn't just because it was an out and out bad horror film; I didn't like because it could not seem to decide what it wanted to be.  It took itself too seriously, in that the script called for twists that any self-respecting cannibal flick would avoid at all costs.  I was 1/3 of the way through and I still felt like I was watching some combination of Twilight mushed up with an episode of Harper's Island; even after the infection starts to take hold (which looks for all the world like demon possession for the longest time--which Weena was into), it just seemed like Patient Zero, the third Cabin Fever film, was added to the mix.  And since I am making film comparisons, I should also mention that the character of John Wheeler (Ian Collins) could have been a great vehicle for the script to finally get somewhere, because yes, I am comparing the potential of this film to be something like Get Out (I know, I know--it's not really a fair move on my part, but I had to say it anyway), but the character is not fleshed out (yeah, I went there..) enough to save the film from mediocrity.  Could have been a decent teen or young adult exploitation film if all the lab stuff was left off.  Really, this one was just all over the map and ultimately went nowhere.  Weena, though, gives it Two Paws of approval, because there is a ton of screaming and crying...and she's part cenobite--she loves good suffering! 

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