Friday, May 6, 2011

The Chicago 10

Well it's May, the end of the semester in school-land, and we're celebrating by kicking back with some animation.  The Peanut is with Goopy (his grandmother), so some adult stuff was in order.  Chicago 10, is a little independent movie that takes on one of the most important, and ugliest, events in US history--and it's also, basically, a cartoon.

It recounts the trial of 8 principle organizers of anti-war protest at the infamous 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.  It goes farther than most documentaries on the subject, to include 2 other people that were brought into the prosecution after the trial had started (which is, BTW, unconstitutional, as it violated due process.)

It was one of the last things that acting great Roy Schnieder did before he passed away--and what a great job he did too!  He voiced the judge Julius Hoffman (unrelated to Abbie Hoffmann, over whom he was presiding).  It also features other well known voices.  Hank Azaria as A. Hoffman.  Nick Nolte, Liev Schieber and Mark Rufallo are also heard in this rather disturbing piece of animation.

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