Friday, July 3, 2015

Amber Alert (2012)

More fake documentary stuff that I haven't seen before...I guess I will have to find out for myself why so many people don't like this film.  One thing I will never say is that I want such and such amount of my time/life back for watching a bad film.  I thought people were so over speaking that way in "reviews" aroud at least 3 years ago....yet looking this one up, I've stumbled on people reviewing this just a couple of months ago saying this.  Get over it.  Bad movies are bad movies--there are worse things in life.  Meanwhile, I'll judge for myself.  And, oh by the way, I've never once asked for time in my life back from watching a movie and I've watched films by Todd Sheets from the early 90's, or even Bill Zebub films, including Kill The Scream Queen.  Or, god forbid...Nightmare Museum!

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