Friday, July 3, 2015

Cat's Choice: Jack Reacher (2012)

This is the fourth birthday of Weena's "Mini Me" Phonecia--seen here together.  "Phee" as she's known is called Weena's Mini Me because she favors her, is named after her middle and has feline dwarfism.  That's no 9 month old kitten sitting there...that's a 3 year old Phee with her "Major Me."  They both love this movie!

Phonecia at close to 5 months.  Other nickname:  "Tiny Hinny."

Now that's a hell of a gun!  A reason that I am personally a fan of the film, besides that I think the acting is top notch and I love a good care movie; is that the ultimate bad guy is played by one of my all time favorite film directors:  Werner Herzog.  And he's creepy as hell!!  

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