Friday, July 20, 2012

Killer's From Space (1954)

This is a low budget way to get in some early Atomic action.  It's a an unintentionally hilarious study in human scepticism.  A scientist Dr. Martin (Peter Graves....that's right, the Peter Graves) who is monitoring nuclear testing grounds from the air is killed in a freakish plane crash after seeing a strange flashing light on the ground.  Aliens then revive him, oogle at him a bit with their freakishly big eyes, and then send back the the military base that he flew out of to spy on humans and help them conquer the planet.  When he shows back up at the base alive and well and showing signs of surgery and claiming that he has never had an operation, well the military does the next logical thing...they give him sodium amethol of course!  Under the influence of the drug he begins telling tales of the aliens plans to take over the planet with the help of giants insects and other monsters...of course....they are sceptical!

Release Date:  23 Jan. 1954

Runtime:  71 minutes

Director:, not Billy...W. Lee

Stars:  the late great Peter GravesBarbara Bestar and a bunch of dudes in freakish aliens suits

Screenplay By:  William Raynor from a based by Myles Wilder

Music By:  Manuel Compinsky

Aspect Ratio:  Standard 1.85:1 35mm

Sound:  Western Electric Recording Mono


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