Friday, July 20, 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

After not having access to the Internet last Friday, it's nice to be back!  Looking forward to a day filled with some vintage Science Fiction from the 1950's--the age of the atomic monster!!  And speaking of what movie makers conjured up that toxins could do to you, in this case "pesticides" or "insecticides", we are starting off the with case of the Incredible Shrinking Man!

Release Date:  April 1957

Runtime:  81 minutes

Director:  Jack Arnold (the director of Creature From The Black Lagoon)

Stars:  Grant Williams and Randy Stuart (along with a cat and tarantula!)

Screenplay By:  Richard Matheson from his own novel
The Score:  which is actually very good and dynamically tense was composed by four men who were not even credited in the film...gotta love that Studio System....

Ratio:  Standard 1.85: 1 35mm

Sound:  Westrex Recording System Mono

Tagline:  Moment by moment, terror mounts!

Goofy Trivia:

Though uncredited, the cat that starred as the menace to Scott Carey's life was named "Orangey"--for being a huge red tabby bruiser.

Special effects guys figured out, after a lot of experimenting (!), that they could get the giant drops of water that were needed for size scale by filling up condoms and dropping them....

Writer Richard Matheson also penned a screenplay sequel for this entitled The Fantastic Shrinking Woman, in which Carey's wife (Randy Stuart) would herself start to shrink, but the project was scrapped by Universal.

Shrinking Man and Cat 1 by shrinkingman

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