Friday, July 20, 2012

World Without End (1956)

1950's science fiction classic, complete with a shirtless Rod Taylor (see below), this is one of the first time travel post apocalyptic astronauts return to earth flicks our there.  Four (all male, of course) astronauts find themselves back on earth after experiencing a strange pull on their spacecraft in a return voyage home from Mars.  When they land, they find the earth strangely devoid of people, then, as they travel by foot searching, they start to find strange creatures, like giant spiders.  Eventually they encounter cavemen like people and, most strangely of all, scantly clad women in mini dresses....  Finally, there those dudes with the plastic skullcaps on...and these guys are supposed to be advanced humans???  Obviously, this is not the Earth they left!  It's a solid piece of sci-fi from the era, but still those's hard not to laugh (or perhaps be a little disturbed) when they show up.  It's certainly not hard to see where the original Star Trek series got a lot of set and costume ideas from. And the creatures, like the spider they encounter in a cave early on in the film are clearly rubber....and, I'd swear, Ed Wood stole that prop sometime later in the decade to use in one of his films!  You know, just flay around, it's looks like it's killing you.

Release Date:  25 Mar. 1956

Runtime:  80 minutes

Director:  Edward Bernds

Stars:  [the above mentioned] Rod TaylorNelson Leigh & Hugh Marlowe

Screenplay:  By the director

Music by:  Leith Stevens

Color:  Technicolor (in CinemaScope)

Sound:  Western Electric Recording Mono/Perspecta Stereo

Aspect Ratio:  2:55.1

Tagline:  Thru the Time Barrier, 552 years ahead....Roaring To The The Far Reaches Of Titanic Terror, Crash-Landing Into The Nightmare Future!

Goofy Trivia:

This was released as a double feature with The Indestructible Man.

The title comes from a Anglicized Catholic devotional.

The director claimed to have invented "mutate" and "mutant" for the film from a Latin word for "much changed."

Those motorized rubber spider were actually reused, not by Ed Wood, but by Bernds himself in Queen Of Outer Space and Valley Of Dragons

Hugh Marlowe's part was originally intended for Sterling Hayden.

Rod Taylor famously went on to star in another time travel movie:  The Time Machine (1960).

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