Friday, July 20, 2012

Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)

There is just no way I'm going to leave Edward D. Wood Jr. out of a celebration of 1950's science fiction.  Plan 9 is considered to be is best work, although I have a fondness for Bride Of The Monster myself.  This features the very last filmed footage of horror icon Bela Lugosi, filmed by Wood, along with a host of other misfits from Wood's circle and the greater Hollywood area....produced by a church no less.

Release Date:   22 July 1959

Runtime:  94 minutes

Director:  Ed Wood

Writer:  Ed Wood

Stars:  Gregory Walcott, Tor Johnson, John "Bunnie" Breckinridge, Carl Anthony, Paul Marco, Criswell, Vampira....and (unintentionally) Bela Lugosi.

Music:  there is music, but no one quite knows where the hell it came from.

Aspect Ratio:  old fashioned 1.33:1, with intended ratio at 1.85:1

Sound:  RCA Recording mono

Tagline:  As the screen's greatest shock star Bela Lugosi is back to haunt the Earth in a terrifying revelation of things to come!  (geez, that is sooo Ed Wood!)

This whole movie is practically trivia, if I tackled it right now, I'd be here til midnight!!  Instead here is compilation of seriously hilarious lines from the film.

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