Friday, August 19, 2011

Leverage Season 3 Guest Stars

Edwin Hodge Yep, he's Aldis' brother

Richard Chamberlain Hey, saw him last week in Blackbeard!

Giancarlo Esposito He's one of my favorite actors.

Michael O'Keffe Veteran TV guest star

Alona Tal You might remember her from "Supernatural"

Clancy Brown This iconic television regular once starred in the most ironic of "Tales from the Crypt" episodes.

Malese Jow Recognizable from The Social Network, she is now Anna on "The Vampire Diaries"

Tom Skerritt He's plays none other than Nate's dad.

Bruce Davison the "mine owner"

Annie Fitzgerald she is now Kirsch on "True Blood"

John Billingsley Well known from "Enterprise"--he is also a well known television guest star.

James Frain, along with past "Leverage" British guest star Mark Sheppard, Frain has been making quite a career of guest starring in American television productions.

Spencer Garrett, along with a thriving career in television, Garrett is also an voice over artist

Dave Foley the veteran from "Kids In The Hall"

Will Wheaton Of course from "The Next Generation"  Man, he must have a hell of a good time as Chaos Mason!

Elisabetta Canalis Best known, as an actress anyway, from television in Italy.  Known to the rest of the world for dating that actor.....oh geez, what's his err....George Clooney.

Goran Visnjic Ironically just a well known for his stint on "E.R." as Clooney is.

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