Saturday, January 5, 2019

Stalk: A New Short Horror Film

A brand new short horror film with some real bite! Enjoyed this one! Directed by Michael Coulombe (IMDb Page) and written by Brantley J. Brown (IMDb Page) and stars Candice Callins (IMDb Page), Tyler Gallant (IMDb Page) & Kara Schaaf (IMDb Page). Catch Michael on Twitter: @MichaelCoulombe.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Horror On TCM: January 2019


*Denotes a film with Horror Elements

The following 2 films are part of a New Year's Primetime celebration of actress Carole Landis' 100th birthday--starts at 8PM.

Jan. 11:15PM Clip*

Jan. 2 12:45AM Trailer*

Jan. 5 2:15AM Trailer

Jan. 5 4AM Trailer

Jan. 11 7:15AM Trailer

Mummy Double Feature:

Jan. 12 2:15 AM Trailer

Jan. 12 3:30AM Trailer

Primetime Jan. 12: The Fly

8PM Trailer

10PM Trailer

January 16 Features A Whole Day Of Zany Mad Scientists--starts @ 6AM (horror titles featured are listed below)

Jan. 16 7:15AM Clip

Jan. 16 9AM Trailer

Jan. 16 10:30AM Trailer

Jan. 16 12PM Trailer

Jan. 16 3PM Trailer

Jan. 16 4:15PM Trailer

Jan. 16 6PM Trailer

Jan. 19 2:30AM Trailer

Jan. 19 4:15AM Trailer

Jan. 21 2:45AM Trailer*

Jan. 26 6:30PM Trailer*

Jan. 27 2:15AM Trailer

January 28th: A Whole Day Of Science Fiction Horror Featuring Artificial Intelligence! Starts at 6AM

Jan. 28 6AM Trailer*

Jan. 28 7:45AM Trailer*

Jan. 28 9:30AM Trailer*

Jan. 28 11:15AM Trailer*

Jan. 28 2PM Trailer*

Jan. 28 4:15PM Trailer*

Jan. 28 6:15PM Trailer

Jan. 29 2:15AM Trailer

January 30: One Whole Day of Horror--Starts at 6AM

Jan. 30 6AM Trailer

Jan. 30 7:30AM Trailer

Jan. 30 9AM Trailer

Jan. 30 10:30AM Trailer

Jan. 30 12PM Trailer

Jan. 30 1:30PM Trailer

Jan. 30 3PM Trailer

Jan. 30 5:30PM Trailer

Special Note:

This is not a horror film, but I want to include it as my own personal recommendation:

A TCM Presents special Jan. 7 2AM Trailer