Friday, April 26, 2013

Plants That Move Where People Shouldn't Go. At The Earth's Core (1976)

Killer Mushrooms On A Budget. Fungicide (2002)

This is silly beyond's deliberately (and not that good of an attempt) campy and has bad acting and terrible CGI.  But, for some reason I have a soft spot for it, just for the mushroom "ninja" moves alone.  Not to every one's taste, and barely to mine, but apparently I just can't resist the silliness of the sword wielding fungi....

When Vegetables Get Hungry: Return Of The Killer Tomatoes (1988)

Time to get silly....really, really silly!  Can't have a Killer Plant Friday Fright without some killer tomato action.  And hey, it's a John er....I mean George Clooney film!

More Plants From Space: The Thing From Another World

The Thing from Another World by crazedigitalmovies

Also another annual Killer Plant rite of passage.

Plant Invaders. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)

This is basically an annual rite of passage on Arbor Day. 

Even Scooby Has Killer Plants. The 13 Ghosts Of Scooby Doo: Coast To Ghost (Peanut Choice)

Ninja Plant: Power Ranger's Ninja Storm: Nowhere To Grow (Peanut's Choice)

Man, that plant can really wield a katana!!  This one is for The Peanut.  The episode is on Amazon Prime.

House Eating Plant! Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors (1965)

This is an comedy horror anthology, like the Creepshow films; and, like the Creepshow films (well two of them anyway) it can't resist a good killer plant story.  Part two of this 5 part film is entitled "Creeping Vine," which stars Alan Freeman

Mayan Ivy Gone Bad! The Ruins (2008)

This makes an interesting double feature with The Freakmaker, they both have killer plants, college students.....and Germans!