Friday, August 31, 2018

NYC Horror: Basket Case (1982)

Some awesome trashy NYC stills

NYC Horror: C.H.U.D. [Release August 31, 1984]

NYC Horror: Joshua (2007)

Horror On TCM For September 2018

*Denotes a title with horror elements

Sept. 1 2AM Trailer

Sept. 1 3:45AM  Scene

Sept. 1 2PM Trailer

Sept. 1 3:45PM Trailer*

Sept. 3 1:45PM Trailer*

Sept. 5 2:45PM Trailer

Sept. 8 2AM Trailer

Sept. 8 4AM Trailer

Sept. 10 2:30AM Trailer*

Sept. 10 7:15AM Trailer

Sept. 11 3:45PM Trailer

Sept. 17 6PM Trailer*

Sept. 18 3:30AM Trailer

Val Lewton Double Feature:

Sept. 18 8:45AM Trailer

Sept. 18 10AM Trailer

Sept. 21 6AM Film on YouTube

Sept. 28 3AM Trailer
Sept. 28 5AM Trailer

Sept. 29 2AM Trailer

Sept. 29 3:45AM Trailer

NYC Horror: Dario Argento's Inferno

Though set in NYC, this was filmed exclusively by Argento and his cinematographer Romano Albani in Rome. 

NYC Horror: Wolf

NYC Horror: Wolfen

NYC Horror: Cloverfield

This is basically a yearly right of passage...can only image this thing in Flushing Meadows!  Probably not all that different from...