Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Horror Short From The UK: Please Check It Out

Creak from Faster Productions on Vimeo.

It's 4 AM and somewhere, something has opened...

A brand new horror short that is not lacking in chills despite it's length!  Seriously!  It was written and directed by Luther Bhogal-Jonesfrom the south coast in the UK; Creak is the first of a series of short horror films under the umbrella "Sincerely Psychopath" from Faster Productions.  See and/or join the  Sincerely Psychopath's Facebook's Page here.  

The film stars:

Sara T. Douty:  Heather
Sheila Stout:  Ellen
Toby Lewis-Hammond:  The Pioneer

You can follow the details of the happenings at Faster Productions on their blog Wars Of Attrition,  and by all means check out their post for the shooting of Creak.  Additionally there are two more shorts in the series in production, Knock, Knock, which he describes as being "a Bava/Argento inspired affair"--which sounds down my slightly Italian giallo street; and eXtended, which is described as "a bizzaro battle in the woods."  Also on the vimeo channel you'll find Stranded and The Crunch

A Couple Of Other Links From The Film:

Music by Mr. Sharman, website found here

Titles And Animation by Nick Gripton, website found here

News Worthy: Canada's First 3D!

It's hard to believe that Canada has never before had a 3D--in any genre!! How fitting is it that their very first be a horror film!  And one bringing on what they are calling "Zemons," that is a combo of Zombie and Demon.

Check out their press on on their website here AND read all about it in today's Vancouver Sun!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last Movie Before The Awards: Psycho (1960)

It might have been nominated for 4 Oscars, including best actress and best director, but it didn't win a damned thing!  Just another example of the Academy realizing that a movie that happens to be a horror film (amongst other things) is really well made, but "we just can't let it win...it's a HORROR movie!"

An American Werewolf In London

This modern horror classic was nominated for only one Oscar in 1982, but I WON that Oscar!!  It was won by one the very best horror make up aritists in the buisiness:  Rick Baker.  It was his first nomination out of (to date) 11 and first win (again, to date) of 6

Won Best Make-Up:  Rick Baker

A Gallery Of Some His Work: