Saturday, December 29, 2018

Horror On TCM: January 2019


*Denotes a film with Horror Elements

The following 2 films are part of a New Year's Primetime celebration of actress Carole Landis' 100th birthday--starts at 8PM.

Jan. 11:15PM Clip*

Jan. 2 12:45AM Trailer*

Jan. 5 2:15AM Trailer

Jan. 5 4AM Trailer

Jan. 11 7:15AM Trailer

Mummy Double Feature:

Jan. 12 2:15 AM Trailer

Jan. 12 3:30AM Trailer

Primetime Jan. 12: The Fly

8PM Trailer

10PM Trailer

January 16 Features A Whole Day Of Zany Mad Scientists--starts @ 6AM (horror titles featured are listed below)

Jan. 16 7:15AM Clip

Jan. 16 9AM Trailer

Jan. 16 10:30AM Trailer

Jan. 16 12PM Trailer

Jan. 16 3PM Trailer

Jan. 16 4:15PM Trailer

Jan. 16 6PM Trailer

Jan. 19 2:30AM Trailer

Jan. 19 4:15AM Trailer

Jan. 21 2:45AM Trailer*

Jan. 26 6:30PM Trailer*

Jan. 27 2:15AM Trailer

January 28th: A Whole Day Of Science Fiction Horror Featuring Artificial Intelligence! Starts at 6AM

Jan. 28 6AM Trailer*

Jan. 28 7:45AM Trailer*

Jan. 28 9:30AM Trailer*

Jan. 28 11:15AM Trailer*

Jan. 28 2PM Trailer*

Jan. 28 4:15PM Trailer*

Jan. 28 6:15PM Trailer

Jan. 29 2:15AM Trailer

January 30: One Whole Day of Horror--Starts at 6AM

Jan. 30 6AM Trailer

Jan. 30 7:30AM Trailer

Jan. 30 9AM Trailer

Jan. 30 10:30AM Trailer

Jan. 30 12PM Trailer

Jan. 30 1:30PM Trailer

Jan. 30 3PM Trailer

Jan. 30 5:30PM Trailer

Special Note:

This is not a horror film, but I want to include it as my own personal recommendation:

A TCM Presents special Jan. 7 2AM Trailer

Friday, December 28, 2018

Keyword Horror Live Recap

Keyword: Male Nudity 

Keyword: Alien

Keyword: Cabin In The Woods

Keyword: Satanism

Keyword: Paranormal Phenomena

Keyword: Women's Shelter

Keyword: PCP