Friday, September 27, 2013

Wendigo (2001)

It Waits (2005)

The Relic

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This is a made-up Native American monster from the Amazon, still an interesting concept for a screenplay.  Made-up Amazon tribe, gives an nosy American anthropologist from the Natural History Museum some strange brewed concoction; said turns into a giant monster on board a ship headed home; said monster then terrorizes the museum searching for human brains.  Monster is called a "Kothoga."  

Nomads (1986)

Based on the Inuit concept of Inua or spirit of the soul in every living thing, this is story of Inua or Inuat (the plural) gone very wrong!  They have become possessors; evil spirits that plague the living who can see them.

A Thief Of Time (2004)

Doing a PBS produced Tony Hillerman double feature here.  Happy Native American day everybody!

The Director:  Chris Eyre