Friday, August 28, 2015

Evidence Of Blood (1998)


Ask anyone about the pairing of "movie" and "Georgia," this is the one that is going to come to mind immediately...unless they are under the age of say 25.  Most people can't name any other horror related film set in the state of Georgia.  One of the things that has always struck me about the film as a southerner myself (and the novel it's based on) is that it's urbanite southerners who are the victims.  It's not some revenge fantasy based on a bunch of dumb-asses from somewhere up north stumbling into the "inbed south."  It was filmed in the state, with some signigicant locations in the South Carolina standing in as needed.  It is so often listed in top "adventure" films list....more like misadventure!!

Dead Files Double Feature: Pandora's Box & Scandal In The South

The.Dead.Files.S02E08.Pandoras.Box.HDTV.x264-SPASM by dawn-davis-528316

Both of these are from the state of Georgia, the first of these is a house located in Blackshear, a town community that is just a couple of miles from Waycross, where I was born.  Have been there recently and it's small....and creepy!

A personal photo taken in Blackshear of an abandoned building heart of town.  It was the old jail.


Realm Of Souls (2013)

Set and shot in Georgia.

Squirm (1976)

I am not kidding that my great, great grandmother who lived and died in the backwoods around here in a place still called Ousley (not much there these days, except a couple of graveyards filled with my ancestors) had her very on worm bed.  She may have been blind as a bat, but she sure as shit could hear if some little shit was trying to steal her worms!  Mostly because she spent most of her time in a rockin' chair on the front porch....  These days, there is a fairly famous modern amusement park in the area Wild Adventures--part of Zombieland was filmed there.