Friday, April 29, 2016

Killer Plants 11: The Little Shop Of Horrors (1960)

Arguably the first well known, certainly cult classic, killer plant film this one has a pretty cool remaster for the Blu Ray edition.  It is certainly the first--probably the only--"mashugana plant" in film history.

Killer Plant 10: Lost Girl--DisMember Only

Killer Plants 9: The Freakmaker (1974) AKA The Mutations

Basically a British remake of Tod Brownings' infamous film Freaks of 1932; but with killer plants developed by a mad scientist (Dr. Loomis himself, the late Donald Pleasance).  Also features another famous "Doctor"--Tom Baker, best known of the doctors in the original very long running "Doctor Who"--as, of course, a freak.  Viewing this on our annual Arbor Day Killer Plant theme specifically because Rob Zombie has a new album out, and on his previous album this movie had sounds samples that appeared in the song "Rock and Roll (In A Black Hole).

Killer Plants 9: Monsters vs. Aliens--The Peanut's Choice (2009)

BOB is a plant based monster for good in this one.  He was created when chemically altered ranch based dressed was injected into a genetically altered tomato.  His love interest is a green jello mold....with pineapple.

Killer Plants 8: Godzilla vs. Boillante! (1989)

One of my favorite killer plant films, because I just love the Toho stuff!  Plus I love the idea of a killer rose bush!  Also for us Grrrl Power types: Biollante is a Lady Monster to boot.

Killer Plants 7: Dr. Terror's House Of Horror--The Creeping Vine (1965)