Friday, September 11, 2015

The Last Of Mohicans (1992)

No point in re-blogging anything more here, I've done before basically on the fly in a live blog, this is what playing right now at my house fashion 5 years ago.  Managed to incur the ire of someone I knew online years ago in the comments section....he didn't have one damn clue who I was when he posted his comments.  Of course, there will be omissions in live blogging anything--still it managed to be a more or less long post--and off the top of my head.  So Virgil--I remember you! [I shoudl have pointed out, this isn't the person with a similar sounding name in the comments section.  I did get more than a bit rude with him last night--sorry--edited 12-Sept.-2015].  Original post here.

This stars two of of my all time favorite Native America actors of all my time on this ball.  Mr. Wes Studi and the multi-talented Eric Schweig.  Russell Means, an Oglala Sioux rights activist, turned musician, actor and rancher as since passed away.  He left this world in 2012--no need for RIP here.  He had the "right way" send off on his native land.  What I will say about this production of the famous James Fenimore Cooper penned story here, it that this spends a great deal of time focusing seriously on the greater "French-Indian War" aspect as a historical context than any other--hence it's inclusion on a day like today.  

Russell Means by Andy Warhol

One last thing from someone who has already said they would keep this short....I guess I'm not good at "short" when it comes to Native issues, many working on "the pile" cleanup in the aftermath of 9/11 were Native Americans, many from Mohawk communities that also lent workers to build the towers to begin with.  Horror or horrors, they, like so many other workers working on that goddamned pile have been sickened and died as a result.  There was also a blessing.  And I found out about this terrible event from a Native American email listserve that was on at the time.  The woman who posted it, a Seneca woman, later found out (and this is true!) her cousin was on one of the planes that hit the world trade center.  

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