Friday, May 18, 2012

Enter The Yeti: The Snow Creature (1954)

This film from 1954 actually debates the merits on which the Yeti can be scientifically classified.  One scientist insist that it be called a "snow creature," thus classifying it as a scientific find or specimen.  Another calls it a "snow man" which would give it human rights, an therefore could not be just "shipped" like cargo.  I never understood why they didn't just continue to call him a Yeti, which the Sherpa's of the film told them he was.  In the end, though, it's still just another rip off of King Kong (1933) without the giant ape.  Always there's a girl (in this case several) that gets put in harm's way.  In this case, the thing actually kills--no love lose here!  

Of course, we are having some fun with the Endangered Species Day today, but Cryptids are not on that list, though some found to be real, like white gorillas are on the list.  Here's a link, to a comprehensive list worldwide.  Honestly, this is really scary!!  And not in a good way.

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