Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random Hitchcock: Marnie (1964)

Despite that Sean Connery is by far my favorite Bond, I just can't warm up to this psychological thriller.  Of course, we now know that actress Tippi Hedron had a very bad time of it with Hitchcock.  So now's a good time bring up that there is movie being made about the whole ugly affair, the nastiest details still no disclosed (or so it's said).  The film is entitled The Girl and Hedron is being played by Sienna Miller and Hitchcock by Toby Jones.  Here is the first still from the picture of the two:

So I think I lot of people who have trouble warming up to this film and picking up that Hedron's performance is not just that Marnie herself was an extremely disturbed character, what with the kleptomania, and phobias of thunderstorms and the color red, but that underneath the whole thing, Hedron herself was laboring in an intensely disturbing and negative environment--one that was fast coming to an end by the time the picture get into production.  Leaving that behind, the script is based on the novel of the same name by writer Winston Graham. It's basically a domestic drama turned into a really weird twisted psychological thriller.  One thing that I do think really works for this movie is the soundtrack, with the original score being composed by Bernard Hermann.  I works it's way nicely through the mystery story behind who or what Marnie really is; and where she came from.

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