Thursday, May 10, 2012

Random Hitchcock: The Manxman (1929)

The Manxman was Hitchcock's last silent film before moving on to sound with  Blackmail in 1930.  The screenplay was based on the novel of the same name from 1896 by Hall Craine.  This is not the first time that the novel had been turned into film, in 1917 American director George Loane Tucker produced his own version of the film for the UK company London Film Productions and was actually filmed on the Isle Of Man ("Manx" is the name for native from the Island--a mixed Celtic and Viking population).  Although some of Hitchcock's film was produced from stock footage from the Isle of Man, most of it was filmed at the now seriously famed Elstree Studios in England, with the on location stuff being filmed in Hitchcock's favorite UK Celtic haunt:  Cornwall.  The whole film is yet another complicated marriage affair; though, unlike The Farmer's Wife, it's a much more dark and dank affair with a lot of creepy sea scenes. (BTY:  the whole film can be viewed in parts below, though the year given for release in inaccurate). 

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