Monday, May 14, 2012

Random Hitchcock: Torn Curtain (1966)

Taking a little time off this week, job and homeschool, and still in enjoying my Hitchcock grab bag.  Although I don't own all of his movies that are now available on DVD and Blu Ray, I own enjoy it extend my Mother's Day treat.  It's nice, I like it!

Hitchcock's 1966 cold war suspense thriller starred Paul Newman, marking, like so many others, the only time the great actor worked with the master director. Newman plays American scientist Professor Michael Armstrong who surprisingly and publicly announces while on a strip to a European conference that he is defecting to East Germany.  His assistant and fiance (Julie Andrews), who is with him Stockholm, who is told to return to the US, secretly follows him and finds herself embroiled in something that she wasn't prepared for.  Armstrong is actually there to smuggle some super secret scientific information back to the west.  What follows from there is a serious very suspenseful escape tactics, including a crazy bus ride.  Who but Hitchcock could make a bus ride suspenseful??  In my opinion, this is much better cold war thriller than is Topaz.  But then again, Topaz was a project seriously forced on Hitchcock.  I also really like Andrews performance as the finance'--compared to the turn that Doris Day had in the remake of The Man Who Knew Too Much, with all that singing!  Andrews performance is convincing, though the role is what I would call "Kaleidoscopic."  This was a project that completely in house at Universal and parts were actually shot on location in West Berlin.

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