Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Hitchcock: Sabotage (1936)

Before there was Saboteur in 1942, there was Sabotage in 1936.  It stars Bronx born Sylvia Sidney.  It is based on the Joseph Conrad novel The Secret Agent (not be confused with Hitchcock's film of the same name also from 1936 which is based on a novel entitled Ashenden).  Another chiller involving Scotland Yard, the plot revolves around a gang of foreign saboteurs that are living a double life in London as various plots go forward to sabotage different parts of London.  Scotland Yard singles out one of the gang, a Mr. Verloc (played by Austrian actor Oskar Homolka) who uses his cinema and his family as a cover for his criminal actives. His wife (Sidney) and his nephew (her teen aged brother) are completely in the dark as to his true identity; however Scotland Yard is not and they post an undercover agent in the shop next to his cinema to keep tabs on him.  Soon the agents cover is blown and things start to unravel quickly.

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