Thursday, May 10, 2012

Random Hitchcock: North By Northwest (1959)

This is one of Hitchcock's undisputed masterpieces!!  It's also our first Cary Grant/Hitch pairing up picked from the grab bag.  I'd say that this is about a perfect a thriller as any thriller genred film gets!!  It also pairs with some very nice comedic moments, at which Grant seriously excelled!  Not many a director could so seemingly effortlessly pull off adding any comedy to a thriller at all!!  The story revolves around man mistaken for a fictitious spy by a group of foreign spy types intend on muling some very valuable and sensitive information out of the country.  Caught in the web fabricated by the FBI, Grant's character Roger Thornhill, an advertising executive, has no choice but to play the deadly cat and mouse game in an effort to keep this information from leaving the country and to, of course, save the girl.  Along the way we are treated to Thornhill and his mother, played by Jessie Royce Landis (who was actually only 8 years older than Grant) attempting to solve the mystery of just who this George Kaplan really is.  The film also features two truly wicked performances from James Mason and a young Martin Landau, with the statuesque Eva Marie Saint playing the straight character to them all.

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