Friday, May 25, 2012

Pere LaChaise Paris

Pere LaChaise is the most famous cemetery in the world.  There are no "if, ands or buts" about it!  More famous people are buried here that in any other cemetery on the globe.  I live blog my Fridays, so I'm not intending a scholarly piece here, and the Wikipedia page gives the absolutely insane list of people of note buried there.  What I would like to do is present some of the photographs of the this strangely peaceful place, despite that it really should be scary as hell.  There is also an older section that is somewhat is disrepair that rarely gets much attention.  There are a few rare photographs.  Most are by Mark Ballogg.  This is the cemetery (along with Catacombs) that the vampire lair in Interview With The Vampire is supposed to lie beneath.  In truth, all that really lies beneath it are subway tunnels, sewage systems and, well, catacombs.  But since the last movie of this Friday is said Interview, here are a few photos

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