Monday, May 14, 2012

Random Hitchcock: The Ring (1927)

Courtesy Of Internet Archive

The screenplay to this Hitchcock silent was an original writer by Hitchcock himeslf.  It is basically a sport thriller with a romantic rivalry thrown into the mix.  While horse racing shows up fleetingly in a few Hitchcock films, he is mostly known for a tennis obsession--but this Hitch original is a boxing film. The film stars Carl Brisson, who would later appear in The Manxman (1929), as "One-Round" Jack Sander, who is a boxing rival with Bob Corby (Ian Hunter) and the two are also love rivals over "The Girl" (Lillian Hall-Davis).  I would just like point out that this is undoubtedly where the title for the up coming Hitchcock/Heddron bio film The Girl is taken from.  The love rivalry features most prominently  throughout most of the film, with predictably a rousing boxing match to settle the whole matter toward the end of the film.  It's not considered to be one of Hitchcock's important early or even silent films, but I find it fascinating because the idea for the film and the script are all his.  Of course Hitchcock was hardly the first person to put boxing in a film, Edison and Co. have that distinction from 1891.  In 1894, they brought the world "Boxing Cats"!

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